Maui Homes

Invest in Maui through the Purchase of a Maui Home. High in Demand and Resale Value. There are a variety of options when selecting a Family Residence. Is this your primary home? Choose a neighborhood close to your work or school for the kids. Currently 3 bedroom homes with 1-2 baths and 7,000 square feet of yard area in a in a residential neighborhood sell for an average of $550,000-$700,000.

Do you work from Home? A property in a rural area offer unique living spaces and privacy. Look for more acreage, or desired micro-climate and live in peace and serenity. 4 bedroom Homes on 1 to 2 acres average $750,000 and up, depending on additional living spaces or rentals, attached or detached.

For those discriminating clients looking to make a luxury investment in an exclusive beachfront or exclusive neighborhood, expect to spend $1.2 Million to $29 Million.

From 4,000 feet elevation up the slopes of Haleakala to the lapping sea of the Pacific Ocean front, Maui has a property calling your name!

Latest Maui Homes