The beauty of the ocean is admired by residents of Maui Oceanfront homes and visitors alike. Picture perfect scenes of crashing waves onto pristine sandy beaches are every day sights in Maui. Amazing scenes are also found underneath the waters. The Maui Ocean Center uncovers the mystery deep beneath the sea and showcases the treasures found there. Visitors have an array of experiences to enhance their trip.Talks are scheduled in the tide pool, open ocean, turtle lagoon, nursery bay and shallow reef areas.

A state of the art facility, the aquarium strives to present aquatic wildlife as they are in nature. Habitats are critically acclaimed and true to form. Staff presentations occur throughout the day sharing extra insight. Living Pacific corals thrive onsite. Guests become mesmerized by combinations of colorful fish and unique sea creatures swirling around in the Living Reef. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are introduced nearby in Turtle Lagoon. These gentle creatures are favorites for sure. Traditions are celebrated in the Hawaiians and Culture exhibit. The Open Ocean display is undeniably spectacular. Folks wandering through the acrylic tunnel are surrounded by sharks, stingrays and countless species of fish. Some get lost in the moment mesmerized by the awesome beasts swimming about.

Breathe Deep and Jump Right in when Living in Ma'alaea Condos

Tours trek folks about the grounds. Guests learn all about the inner workings of the facility with the Behind the Scenes Tour. Marine naturalists lead the way taking groups into the Aquarium Lab. Here they get to know the habits of sharks and turtles and even get to help out with a feeding. There’s plenty of time to stop and smell the flowers during the Native Plant and Cultural Tour. Hear stories of Hawaiian culture and become familiar with native plant species with a Cultural Practitioner at your side. The bravest of the brave living in Wailuku condos can swim with the sharks if they dare. A true bucket list item participants dive right in and mingle underwater with black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, tiger sharks, sandbar sharks and more.

The Maui Ocean Center serves a mission “to foster understanding, wonder, and respect for Hawaii’s Marine Life." Those who enter the center’s doors whether coming from Wailuku homes or from far abroad will admire and celebrate the diversity of ocean life found here and in island waters.

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