Kelly Anderson

Salesperson RS-77881

Maui’s North Shore has been Kelly’s home for the last 22 years, but her fascination with real estate began at a young age. Born and raised on the West Coast to a family of builders, Kelly used her experience to become a successful interior decorator and home designer. Later moving into property  management, planning, and design for luxury estates.

Kelly was honored for her communication skills as a student of Public Relations and Communications at San Diego State University. Possessing a keen sense of detail, Kelly provides her clients with a truly personalized service, giving home buyers the “expert” opinion needed. Versed in many areas of expertise, Kelly Anderson Realty has the ability to see the big picture.

“Kelly takes the stress out of home buying, I actually had fun!”

– Courtney Lee


Kelly Anderson Realty will impart information to find the perfect niche for your Maui home. Kelly and Coldwell Banker provide a comprehensive service to serious investors seeking guidance on Maui ~ from providing crucial and timely information to making connections to key people ~ Maximizing your ownership benefits and making your investment or relocation to Maui an  extraordinary experience.


If you have an island property or project, talk to Kelly about its marketing and sale.There are only two reasons properties don’t sell. They are:
1) overpriced or
2) underexposed
…or a combination of both

Kelly will guide you effectively in meeting these challenges and moving you on to your next adventure, seller value and motivation being key factors. Her contacts and islands market experience bring added benefits, maximizing profitability to an owners.

Put Paradise in your Portfolio!
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